Jiangsu Ancan Technology Co., Ltd.

Ancan is a company specialized in electrochemical equipment fabrication, research and development, and project design. We focus on manufacturing and re-engineering of membrane electrolyzer, fabricating and recoating of electrode, as well as supplying spare parts. In addition, Ancan provides special electrolyzers, which are widely used in organic electrolysis, circulating water treatment, waste water treatment, and metallurgy. Ancan has a long-term technology cooperation and product support service with a number of international renowned electrolyzer manufacturing and design companies in terms of electrode of membrane electrolyzer and component.
Today, we are not only servicing more than 130 customers in China, we also service customer in Germany, Netherlands, United States, Japan, Canada, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and more than 20 other countries and regions.
Ancan is committed to make a brand name for itself as “ A Green and High Efficiency Power Technology Service Provider” in the electrochemical industries globally. www.ancan-cn.cn

Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. (BCMC)

Bluestar Chemical Machinery Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary company of ChemChina which is directly affiliated to SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and
Administration Commission). As one of the main EPC player who have our own patent and know how industry circle, BCMC have the electrolysis technology, molten salt storage heat tank technology, biomass integrated untilization technology and so on. As one of the top three electrolyzer suppliers in the world, it is a professional company that solely owns whole set technology of ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer, is capable of manufacturing core equipment and providing EPC solutions for Chlor-Alkali plant. Our main business is to provide chlor-alkali (caustic soda) industry with integrated solutions, and our main products are the ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer and other chlor-alkali equipments, such as the equipments used for the primary brine module, secondary brine module, synthesis furnace of hydrochloric acid, rectifier, transformer and downstream products like hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, bleaching powder, PAC, VCM, PVC, etc. Our domestic market share of ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer is 47%, and the international market share is 20%. We are looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future. www.bcmc.chemchina.com/bhjen/

Curtiss Wright Phönix Valve Group
Phönix – A safe investment all over the world since 1910

Phönix– a complete range of high quality first class products that guarantee long lasting safety and reliability in chemical plants, refineries, conventional and nuclear power plants.Worldwide, we offer valves conforming to national and international design standards (DIN, ANSI, ASME etc.) in highest quality as well as technical advice, and service for complete valve packages to our customers. Founded in 1910 as a small company, Curtiss Wright – Phönix Armaturen-Werke Bregel GmbH is today a leading manufacturer of high quality speciality valves. 175 responsible and dedicated employees guarantee a permanent renewal and perfection of Phönix-products. Phönix bellows sealed globe valves, control valves, tank car valves and gate valves have been used worldwide for over 50 years for critical media in the chemical industry und have – due to design and quality – contributed substantially to the improvement of air quality. www.cw-industrial.com

descote – Valves for Hazardous Applications

For 45 years now, descote has been developing valve solutions for hazardous applications of the chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industry involving halogens. descote valves are thus designed and manufactured to address the safety and reliability standards required by the chlorine industry manufacturer and users. The range of manual, actuated on-off and control bellows sealed globe valves have been Euro Chlor approved since 1983. descote product range also includes valves for liquefied gas storage tanks or instrumentation valves. descote valves are SIL 3 capable according to IEC 61508 and can be used on Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). descote is a partner of Euro Chlor and associate member of the Chlorine Institute. The company was created in 1956. It is a privately owned French valve manufacturer, with production facility and sourcing from Europe, and a worldwide international sales network. www.descote.com.

Dupont – Clean Technologies

The Clean Technologies division of DuPont is a global leader in process technology licensing & engineering, offering critical process equipment, products and services that enable an array of industrial markets, including phosphate fertilizer, non-ferrous metals, oil refining, petrochemicals and chemicals, to minimize their environmental impact. We provide extensive global expertise across our portfolio of offerings in key applications – MECS® sulfuric acid production, STRATCO® alkylation, BELCO® wet scrubbing, and IsoTherming® hydroprocessing. We are dedicated to helping our customers produce high-quality products used in everyday life in the safest, most environmentally-sound way possible, with a vision to make the world a better place by creating clean alternatives to traditional industrial processes. We make everyday life better, safer, cleaner. www.cleantechnologies.dupont.com


ERMETO Valves established since 1937 designs high safety valves for the safe transport of liquefied fluids. Over the years a comprehensive range of valves have been developed in order to insure the maximum safety during transport and transfer of fluids. Valves range cover all types of packaging such as cylinders, drums and rail /road / ISO tanks. Most of valves are designed with dual closure systems and completed by pneumatic actuator in order to insure a maximum safety for users and environment. Different valves technology are proposed : Bellows, packing and membrane combined with the use of high quality of materials such as Hastelloy, Monel, stellite, Inconel, nickel plating…
Over our standard range of valves, ERMETO Valves has the capacity to adapt and develop valves according to your specifications. www.ermetovalves.com


With over 60 years’ experience in the Rectifier System for Industrial Applications, FRIEM designs and manufactures tailor made solutions with reliable design. AC/DC High Current Rectifiers, DC/DC High Power Converters, DC/AC High Power Inverters, AC/AC High Current Converters for all the main applications:
– Aluminium Smelters: Main Rectifiers for Potline, Booster Rectifiers for Main Potline, Compensation loop Rectifiers for Potline.
– Industry: Inverters and Power Converters for Heavy duty rectifier systems and Polarization Rectifiers for Chlor-Alkali and Chemicals, Metal refining and electrowinning, Aluminium, DC electric arc furnace and plasma torch, Graphitization furnace, Polysilicon production.
– Energy: Inverters and Power Converters for Renewable Energies, Energy Storage Systems, Minigrids and Ancillary services.
– Mobility: Converters and AC/DC charger for Rail and urban electrification, EV charging stations, Charging Sytems for e-bus.

Georg Fischer – GF Piping Systems

Founded in 1960, this medium-sized subsidiary of GF has focused solely on industrial piping as the core business.
The product portfolio comprises a worldwide unique selection of different thermoplastic polymer pipes (different polyolefins, many PVC-U or C-PVC formulations, engineering or high-temperature-resistant polymers (e.g. PPS, PAI, PEI)) as well as excellent developed facilities for fabrication of customized products. Based on decades of successful presence in the global dual laminate business, GF DEKA has a deep knowledge in the application of thermoplastic liners in the global chlorine industry. For this application we are providing harmonized systems of pipes, sheets and welding rods in PVC-U, a novel modified PVC-U, C-PVC, different grades of PP, Fluoropolymers as well as a competent consulting service. www.gfps.com

W. L. Gore & Associates

W. L. Gore & Associates is a global materials science company dedicated to transforming industries and improving lives. Since 1958, Gore has solved complex technical challenges in demanding environments — from outer space to the world’s highest peaks to the inner workings of the human body. With more than 10,500 Associates and a strong, team-oriented culture, Gore generates annual revenues of $3.7 billion.
For almost 20 years, the Gore Industrial Fluids Filtration Business has been offering a single step, precoat-free filtration technology to purify brine in chlor-alkali plants. There are over 100 installations worldwide that either chose our technology or converted their existing multiple step precoat brine filtration operation to our liquid filter technology.
Gore’s Sealant Technologies Group has fostered a solid knowledge of factors that influence the sealing of piping systems, vessels, pumps and valves. Our singular focus has resulted in the development of innovative and top-performing gaskets and packings.

Hunan Kori Convertors Co. Ltd. Rectifier for the world

Kori is dedicated to the research, design & manufacture of high-power rectifier system for global users. Successful design and operation experience for over 1000 sets of rectifier system. We have customers in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Iceland, Canada, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Zambia, Cuba, etc. www.kori.cn

Kurotec-KTS Kunststofftechnik

KUROTEC – TKS is a leading manufacturer of GRP pipes, fittings, vessels, special constructions as well as GRP with thermoplastic in-liner (PE, PP, PVDF, E-CTFE, PFA, MFA and FEP) for the chemical industry, power plant construction and further industrial demand since 1983. With now 5 locations in Europe and more than 250 employees we are active worldwide in the industrial fiberglass and deliver innovative fiberglass and composite materials. KUROTEC-KTS manufactures GRP pipes and fittings from diameter 25 to 8000 mm with all available polyester and vinyl ester resins in manual winding process (hand lay-up). The production of GRP pipes and vessels for corrosive media is the daily business of KUROTEC-KTS. Every order is monitored up to final acceptance by our quality assurance department. From the design, calculation, production, delivery and installation to after-sale service is an integrated organization. Our philosophy is to provide a turnkey project with all products & services from a single source. www.de.kurotec-kts.de

MERSEN – Global equipment and technology provider for corrosive environments

Mersen Process Equipment Activity is internationally recognized for its expertise in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers, vessels, reactors and piping. Its skills in materials resistant to corrosion such as graphite, silicon carbide, tantalum, zirconium, PTFE ensure to propose the best solution coping with the process conditions.
Mersen has also an in-depth expertise in the process technologies covering a flexible offer up to skid-mounted turn-key delivery.
When process conditions combine both corrosion and temperature, material selection becomes a key criteria of the engineering product. For more than 120 years, Mersen has developed advanced materials and process equipment expertise to provide customizes solutions capable of handling your severe processes. www.mersen.com

MUNSCH – Plastic Pumps for Agressive Media

MUNSCH is a privately owned specialist for non-metallic centrifugal pumps. We design and build pumps with a major focus on our customer’s needs – reliability and safety. Munsch is well known in chemical and other industries around the globe where operators require a trustworthy supplier along with the pump.

Our production starts from plastic granulate. We have developed our own tools and a specialized high-end manufacturing line. Along with our pumps we provide invaluable field experience made in over fifty years in business in a vast amount of applications. To make this happen, MUNSCH supports an open company culture that encourages everyone to share ideas and knowledge, give feedback and feel responsible. Our engineers are allowed to focus on the most important issue first – your application, the customers benefit. www.munsch.de

NUBERG | EPC – Making Ideas happen

Nuberg EPC is a global EPC and turnkey project management company providing solutions with basic engineering and process know-how either from its own intellectual property or licensed from technology suppliers. We offer single point responsibility solutions and services for engineering and construction of industrial plants, from concept to commissioning. Having delivered over 60 turnkey projects across 32+ countries in past 20 years, Nuberg EPC’s solutions, technology & engineering services are known to deliver projects with best in class quality, on-time and within budget.

With in-house engineering set up of over 300000 available man-hours, construction team, Sweden based R&D facility and state-of-the-art fabrication facility with ASME-U stamp certification, Nuberg EPC is one of the fastest growing EPC companies in chlor alkali/caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid and calcium chloride.

Nuberg EPC serves worldwide across chemicals & fertilizers, hydrocarbons, steel and nuclear & defence industries worldwide. www.nubergepc.com

Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing

Powell has been a leading supplier, providing innovative solutions to the global chlor-alkali and chemical markets with pre-engineered, skid mounted chemical processing and blending systems and related equipment since 1964. Complete sodium hypochlorite production systems from wet or dry chlorine, including filtration, dilution and chilling. Loading, unloading, scrubbing and blending systems for acids, alcohols, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and other chemicals. Powell systems are constructed with integrated tanks, heat exchangers, piping, pumps, control system and instrumentation. Designed to meet any piping, instrument and electrical codes or specifications. Advanced process data acquisition, analytics and reporting capabilities are available through Powell Data Solutions. All Powell systems are hydrostatically & electrically tested prior to shipment. Most systems ship fully assembled in ISO containers. On site engineering assistance is available for process hazards analysis, commissioning and operator training. Preventive maintenance, technical support, programming, hardware & software upgrades are provided through out the life cycle of the equipment. www.powellfab.com

PRINCE Rubber & Plastics Co., INC

Since 1930, Prince has specialized in the manufacturing and fabrication of corrosion-resistant rubber and plastic products for the Chlor-Alkali industry, including gaskets, piping, and hoses. We welcome you to visit our display booth, to discuss our more recent innovative product developments. Enjoy the conference! www.princerp.com

R2 | More Than Just Monitoring

R2 specializes in the design, development, and implementation of analytical monitoring systems (intelligent systems) geared at industrial process safety and optimization. Since its inception, R2 has devoted its technical know-how and electrochemical expertise to developing, producing and delivering practical solutions to the electrochemical industry.

For over 20 years, we have been monitoring over 80,000 elements all over the world, gathering more data on the chlor alkali process than any other company, which enabled us to develop unique safety, predictive maintenance and performance optimization products. We bring intelligent solutions to the industry that reduce unplanned shutdowns, maintenance costs and energy consumption and that optimize production parameters.

Founded in 1989 with its Head Office in Montreal, Canada and a subsidiary in Germany, R2’s products and services are installed in over 25 countries around the world and our growing customer-base counts worldwide renowned companies that are leaders in their field. www.r2.ca

SAMSON group : PFEIFFER Chemie-Armaturenbau

PFEIFFER Chemie-Armaturenbau GmbH is a manufacturer of lined valves (Made in Germany), which has been supplying the chlorine-producing industry for more than 40 years. In addition to valves with PFA lining, PTFE lined control valves, ball valves and double eccentric valves with up to 12mm PTFE lining are also manufactured. As a member of the SAMSON group we are able to supply and service customers worldwide.
Further products of PFEIFFER are ball and butterfly valves in steel and stainless steel for standard and special applications. Special butterfly valves for PSA applications are also included.
Samplers and components adapted to the application for liquid and gaseous media as well as solids are included in the product range.
We design, manufacture and assemble Turn-Key pigging systems for a wide variety of industrial plants. The delivery portfolio is rounded up by diaphragm and piston actuators. Your safety is our duty. www.pfeiffer-armaturen.com